Our services



Prosperi Air, C.A. offers a wide range of services that have allowed it to become a leader in the aviation industry from the sale of aircraft and aircraft parts to the administration and management of aircraft.

Today, nothing can stop the business of aircraft sales. Disposing an aircraft for more frequent trips can become economically viable, especially for all those people who have to travel constantly to meet their obligations or simply for pleasure trips. Since some time ago until now it is remarkable to see that many adopt this business model by the same lifestyle. We offer our clients an exclusive and high quality service that places all that a client needs within their reach.

Aircraft Management

Aircraft management is not a difficult task, our company will take care of all the details of your plane so that all the people traveling in it feel comfortable and safe.

At Prosperi Air, C.A. we count with an expert group on the management, operation and maintenance of aircraft that is always at your disposal to help you fulfill these important tasks. We will cater to all the logistics related to the aircraft, including: crew, hangar, maintenance, fuel and any other details required by your plane.